Danielle Lancelot Watson grew up on Long Island, New York and studied Art History and Philosophy at New York University. After graduating, she worked at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the Arms and Armor department for 4 years. At the same time, she was extremely active: snowboarding, rock climbing, and endurance cycling in her free time. She had begun rock climbing at 8 years old in upstate New York. She became increasingly obsessed with it until she left her job at the Met, moved into her car, and headed west to travel the country and world to climb. Danielle has travelled to South Africa, France, Canada, Mexico, and many places in the United States to seek out beautiful and remote climbing destinations.



On June 4, 2011, while rock climbing near Gunnison, Colorado, Danielle had a tragic accident.  She fell over 250 feet, breaking her ankles, femur, pelvis, and back in 2 places.  She is now paralyzed at T6 and a wheelchair user.  She had 6 surgeries and was hospitalized for 3 and a half months. Her surgeon believes she has survived the longest fall onto a hard surface, and wrote an article about it:



Although her body was broken, her spirit is unchanged. While in the hospital, she was researching adaptive extreme sports. She has since learned to mono ski, hand cycle, and play wheelchair basketball, and has participated in various marathons and triathlons such as the NYC marathon in 2017. She is involved with her local adaptive sports organizations, Oregon Adaptive Sports and Seattle Adaptive Sports, and loves to travel to adaptive ski and mountain biking events around the country. Since her injury, she has completed her masters degree in occupational therapy at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA. Danielle is currently working as a hand therapist in Yelm, WA.




  1. I love your attitude and style. You are beautiful and have some fortunate friends surrounding you. Keep it up! I’m sure all your dreams will someday come true!!!

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