Danielle Lancelot Watson is an adaptive athlete, artist, and occupational therapist.





  1. I know Danielle from the time she was a young girl.I always knew she was a special young lady and my family and I were heartbroken when we heard about her accident.we are now so proud of her for not giving up on life and instead making the most of her life experience.She is a remarkable young women and my family and I are so proud of her life accomplishments.Danielle is a miracle and a gift to all who are lucky enough to ever meet or know her.God bless you.

  2. Danielle…..What can I say here…..awesome comes to mind, but pales for how you really are. I gotta stick around to see whats next on your agenda of absolute can do’s…..Inspirationfasinationnohesitation,simplecandoity!!!!! Love Ya’ Girl!!

    1. What a way cool thing this for you to win the new NUKE off road handcycle! When you first spoke about the contest, I had a distinct feeling in my heart and soul you would win this awesome package. No doubt there were so many others who could have won, but you did.
      So Danielle…what’s next for you? Many, many people who have the privilege of knowing and loving you, are patiently waiting to jump in and help or cheer you on…whatever you need.
      Now saying all this stuff is me saying “AttaGirl”… For you, is to follow your heart and soul…the rest of us will try to keep up…..We love you that much!

  3. Hi Danielle… So glad to have met you in Denver airport… with my daughter, Irene. Feel privileged to be able to follow your adventures and accomplishments. You truly are inspirational, to young and not-so-young! Your energy and attitude guarantee your success in every endeavor and challenge you undertake! Good luck! Warm wishes!

  4. I was lucky enough to meet Danielle last summer in Crested Butte,CO. She is full on energy!! After her telling her story. I was touched by the short time after accident that she got back into sports. Wish I had done the same! Danielle I am so glad you were the winner of a new Nuke off-road handcycle. Cheers

  5. Keep moving forward and encouraging others . You are an amazing woman and we are so proud of how far you have come. We love you the Nj and Ny LANCELOTS

  6. You are an amazing girl Danielle for all you have been through! What strength you have! You are someone to look up to!!

  7. I had the rare and unique pleasure of being close to a hero for a few months. I was working as a caregiver and was assigned to Danielle. I remember the first day I met her. I remember how positive and focused she was. (And I am sure, still is.) She never once whined or complained about her situation. I was honored to watch her take on life with a fervor I can only hope to have someday. If there is anyone I have ever met that has earned the right to be bowed to…it is you girl! Keep making it happen! The world needs more “studs!”

  8. I hope your story comes out as a book/movie so the world can see your inner and outer strength and possibilities in our lifetimes..big or small ❤️

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